2019 ENY NVIS Drill

Orange County ARES RACES (KC2OUR) activating the EOC.
Field expedient 80 Meter Dipole about 12′ at the center, using the crash box, TS-2000 & LDG tuner. Learned there is a fair amount of electrical noise in the EOC garage when the heater fans are running.
With KC2VTJ, KD2NMG, AA2XX, N2CE, KD2BFP, KD2GJH, KN2X and special guest KJ5HY from West Point. Well done guys.

2019 Boy Scouts merit badge class.

Today 3/30/2019 several members of OC ARES/RACES participated in teaching scouts about Ham radio and its uses in an emergency.  Every scout got to make contacts on the air from right around the local area and around the world via HF and digital modes. Scouts also where able to send emails via RF using Winlink, no wires or internet needed!!! 

Thank you to members who came out and made this day possible! (KD2GJH,KD2NMG,W2DDY,AA2XX,N2UBP,KC2PJH,KC2VTJ) 

It was a fun time playing radio and mentoring the next possible generation of hams! 

Weekly On Air Net

Orange County ARES / RACES Has a weekly on Air Net every Monday night at 8PM on the KC2OUR Linked repeater network. All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome. You do not need to be a member in order to check in. Topics differ from week to week, Q & A’s and don’t forget to stick around for Swap and Shop. 

Graham Mt.: 448.325 Pl 123 in western Orange County.

Goshen: 449.675 Pl 162.2 in the central Orange County 

Mt Beacon: 443.550 Pl 156.7 in Eastern Orange County. 

Arden: 147.105 PL 114.8 in Southern Orange County. 

Walden: 146.625 ** SPLIT Input of 147.885  PL127.3  in Northern Orange

EchoLink KC2OUR-R

Monthly In Person Meeting

OC ARES/RACES holds an in person meeting on the last Monday of every month.

Meetings consist of routine business, review of the different on air net topic during the past month, up coming events, past events/activations in review, equipment training among a myriad of other topics.

The meetings are held at OC Emergency Services Center in Goshen NY, Class room 1 (first class room on the right) at 7:30PM.

All members are strongly encouraged to attend. Along with any amateur radio operators who are interested in Emergency Communications and may be willing to Join our team.

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KC2OUR provides multisite linked coverage of Orange County and surrounding areas. Along with EchoLink,IRLP, APRS DIGI’s & iGates and WinLink nodes.

KC2OUR Linked Repeaters:

Graham Mt. 448.325 PL 123 (Location: Western Orange)

Goshen 449.675 PL 162.2 (Location: Central Orange)

Mt Beacon 443.550 PL 156.7 (Location: Eastern Orange)

Arden: 147.105 PL 114.8 (Location: Southern Orange)

Walden: RX 146.625 / TX 147.885 PL127.3 (Location: Northern Orange)

EchoLink KC2OUR-R:
IRLP: 431832

OC ARES / RACES supported repeaters that are not part of the linked network:

Newburgh N2HEP: 146.430/147.435 PL71.9
Newburgh N2HEP:449.475 PL71.9 (Location: Eastern Orange)

Finchville WA2VDX: 146.760 PL100 (Location: Western Orange)

On YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUv9GzUa3fEvVVqcPrY1r5A

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