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KC2OUR provides multisite linked coverage of Orange County and surrounding areas. Along with EchoLink,IRLP, APRS DIGI’s & iGates and WinLink nodes.

KC2OUR Linked Repeaters:

Graham Mt. 448.325 PL 123 (Location: Western Orange)

Goshen 449.675 PL 162.2 (Location: Central Orange)

Mt Beacon 443.550 PL 156.7 (Location: Eastern Orange)

Arden: 147.105 PL 114.8 (Location: Southern Orange)

Walden: RX 146.625 / TX 147.885 PL127.3 (Location: Northern Orange)

EchoLink KC2OUR-R:
IRLP: 431832

OC ARES / RACES supported repeaters that are not part of the linked network:

Newburgh N2HEP: 146.430/147.435 PL71.9
Newburgh N2HEP:449.475 PL71.9 (Location: Eastern Orange)

Finchville WA2VDX: 146.760 PL100 (Location: Western Orange)

On YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUv9GzUa3fEvVVqcPrY1r5A

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