Brock Haney & Ethan Beck Memorial Paddle Run June 8th 2019


This past Saturday morning we participated, once again, in helping to provide observers and communications along the Wallkill River for this event.

We worked with the race administration both at the start line and the finish line as well as Montgomery FD and Montgomery EMS.

The morning started out cool but once the sun came up well over the horizon the day quickly got warm. You really couldn’t ask for much better weather for this type of event.

I want to thank all the radio operators who came out to help load the equipment before the event, operate during the event, and brought equipment home with them.

KD2GJH      Mike
KD2BFP      Les
N2KLC        Jim      
KD2NMG     Mike
W2MDM      Mike
KC2VTJ       Dom
KN2X           John
W2CRM       Craig
KD2UFO      Bob
KD2GWD     Matt
AA2XX         John
KD2OKX      Chad
KD2RNJ       John

KC2PJH. Pete

I know the race administration was extremely thankful that we were there to help them provide observers along the Wallkill River. We also worked well with the Montgomery FD and the crew on their boat on the river. They were very thankful for the information that was passed along to them so they knew what was going on and what to expect as the event went along.

There were a few new folks that worked this event with us for the first or 2nd time. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you learned something. I hope you will come back out and work more events with us.

So our next event is July 4. The town of Wallkill fireworks. That event is already up on ARES Connect. This is a very relaxing and fun event to participate in. You can bring your family. They feed us. They do very much appreciate our extra sets of eyes and ears throughout the venue. Speaking of the venue. The location will be changed this year to the Orange County Fairgrounds.


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