KC2OUR ARES/RACES Table At The OCARC Hamfest 2022









It was a beautiful sunny day for a hamfest.

I want to thank the following stations, in no particular order, for coming out to support OC ARES/RACES at our table today:

Bong W2DDY

Greg N2GSH




John KN2X – Also there support of Sullivan ARES/RACES





If I forgot someone above, please forgive me.


We had brought the HF Winlink crash box, 2 of the new VHF/UHF crash boxes that were built just a couple of months ago, pamphlets, applications, the banner to hang in front of the table, and the portable office kit.


Quite a few folks were admiring the different crash boxes that we had out on the table. I believe some pamphlets were handed out. Greg was actually able to find on the laptop a previously used PowerPoint with pictures of us participating in events to display on the computer. All in all, it was a great day. We got to see folks in person that we haven’t seen in quite some time. We got to share with some new folks what OC ARES/RACES is all about.


I do want to sincerely thank Bong, W2DDY, and Greg, N2GSH for taking time to gather the equipment early in the morning at the ESC, bring up to the event, and then break it all down and bring it back to the ESC. That is a huge huge part of doing these events.


Stay tuned for some forthcoming information this week regarding some upcoming events.


Have a great week all.




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